Mixed media & Art Journaling

Last few years I spent learning and playing with mixed media techniques. It has been an amazing journey full of great surprises and amazing people. Check out my old blog  ( to find out more about last few years of my life.



It isn't a big surprise, is it? I love dogs and I love drawing them! The portraits are funny and very colourful. I try to capture the most important things, something characteristic in the dogs look. I'm also interested in dogs favourite places and toys, not to mention favourite games. Everything which makes our dogs happy!

The illustrations can also contain more details like name or date of birth. If you want to add your hairy legs to the painting, it is also possible, every illustration is personalised!  


Cute Creatures

Colours, textures and illustration. Each piece is different but made from only a few products. Using layers and details I wanted these paintings to be interesting and have a unique look. 

Most of the paintings are available as prints in my shop. You can also find there some originals. Sometimes I take commissions but try not to do this very often.